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VOL Links – No. 4


This week’s VOL Links includes a couple of nods to Marvin West’s Tennessee Basketball post game analysis (we love his classic, newspaper-man style). Then there was Lane Kiffin with another fabulous troll featuring his son, Knox. Peyton Manning made an appearance at the NFL Pro Bowl. Finally, the team at Off The Hook Sports provides us with a contrast between Nick Saban and Josh Heupel’s program development styles. All these things and more below.

Vols win ‘basketball’ game
02/05/2023 via Marvin West

Reading Marvin West reminds us of when we used to read the Knox News Sentinel in newsprint back in the 80’s. His voice and style keeps up coming back for more. Check out his analysis of the Vols sloppy win over Auburn from last Saturday.

WATCH: Lane Kiffin trolls Tennessee using his son’s highlight video
02/06/2023 via On3

Yes, Lane Kiffin is immature, but we can’t help it sometimes but to LOL when we see his trolls on the socials. See how he trolled @Vol_Football with this clip of his son, Knox.

The Best of Peyton Manning at the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl
02/06/2023 via Rocky Top Insider

Ric Butler at Rocky Top Insider provides us with a nice roundup of clips of Peyton Manning at the NFL Pro Bowl.

Vols Slated to Have 14 Regular Season Games Televised in 2023
02/07/2023 via UT Sports

Mark your TV viewing calendars, the Baseball Vols are going to have plenty of air-time this Spring.

Nick Saban, Josh Heupel Have Radically Different Approaches Towards The Future
02/07/2023 via Off The Hook Sports

Dave Hooker shares his thoughts and analysis on the different approaches Nick Saban and Josh Heupel are taking as they develop their programs.

Vandy upsets Vols in last half-second
02/09/2023 via Marvin West

If we’re going to have to read about Tennessee’s painful loss to Vandy, we’ll at least take our medicine with a dose of Marvin West’s classic style.

Hendon Hooker Joins the Pat McAfee Show on Super Bowl Week
02/09/2023 via Rocky Top Insider

Hendon Hooker sits down with Pat McAfee as he prepares for the NFL Draft.

Texas, Oklahoma Officially Joining SEC In 2024 Is Horrible For Vols
02/09/2023 via Off The Hook Sports

Caleb Calhoun provides his take on why Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC a year earlier than originally expected is bad news for the Vols.

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